Movement: Be the Shark

We Talk a lot about “movement”-Here’s what we mean.

Kingdom People.

We talk a lot about being a Kingdom Church…But what does that even mean!? Check it out.

Village Meeting: An Update

The team catches you up on how things are going and what you can expect.

Let’s Be Church, Let’s Bless People

Church has been ruined. More often than not, church has been turned into a competition of orthodoxy and holiness….We’re not interested in the competition. We just want to be a blessing.


Why a culture of celebration is so important to us.






The Young

Our prioritization of the young does not equate to a dismissal of the rest of society. Rather, the hospitality we give to an often ignored segment of the church, spills over to all people.

Everybody Just Chill.

It’s kinda hard to articulate normalcy, but this is our best attempt to explain what we mean when we say, “A church for normal people.”

New Sermon Up

It would be so much more enjoyable had you been there to experience the slow and confusing change from a Members only jacket to a beautiful Mr. Rodgers cardigan (which received a standing O) …but just try your best to picture it.