Monthly Archives: May 2016

Fear and Trembling

For the past year I have been on such a faith/reason kick that I have been considering getting a Wesleyan Quadrilateral tattoo…for full closure on my teenage fundamentalist years. Tattoo jokes aside, reason plays an enormous role in my faith, so much so that I would argue that faith without reason is dangerous. I know […]

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Hebrews, how I love thee.

Hebrews has been my favorite book since I was a teenager. This is such a rich book with so much to say about atonement and Christology. I think the author of Hebrews goes to great lengths to display both Jesus’ divinity and his humanity. However, while the author clearly supports the dual nature of Jesus, […]

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A Terrible Monk

I have a place I like to go for prayer and silent reflection, however I rarely sit in this place for more than five minutes. The sacristy in my church is dark and quiet, it has a unique but peaceful aroma, a blend of candles, old albs, and wine. The sacristy has 2 rooms, the […]

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