Fear and Trembling

For the past year I have been on such a faith/reason kick that I have been considering getting a Wesleyan Quadrilateral tattoo…for full closure on my teenage fundamentalist years.

Tattoo jokes aside, reason plays an enormous role in my faith, so much so that I would argue that faith without reason is dangerous. I know that Jesus said he valued, “a childlike faith”, but I also cannot imagine him condemning an inquisitive mind. Faith is a gift, technically a spiritual gift. For some, believing is easy and there is no need rationalize faith.  However, others need to ask a lot of questions, and for many of us those questions come from a sincere desire to know God more. Again, I believe Faith without reason can be dangerous. Most of the people I know who have left their faith and abandoned Christianity, were people who didn’t seek reason for their beliefs. At some point in their life they had their faith challenged (typically in college) and they had never employed reason to understand what they believed. I wouldn’t say that this is the case for everyone, but I have seen firsthand how useful reason can be when it is partnered with faith. Reason alone is also foolishness (see every argument ever made by a secular humanist or naturalist). Cosmology, quantum physics, and microbiology are just a few scientific avenues that reveal how much is still unknown.  There are particles we cannot see or explain, physics gives us as many questions as answers. Cosmology only explains how much we don’t know about the universe. Obviously, there is still a lot of faith needed to understand life and all that exists.

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