Here is short excerpt from my most recent essay on libertarian free-will. What you will find is a succint, yet respectful refutation of the deterministic (Calvinism) view of God.

…Years later I have realized a great irony- Romans 9, when taken in its proper context, does not support determinism (Calvinism, predestination, election, etc.) at all. In fact, if a humble exegete purposes to read the whole scope of Paul’s letter to the Romans, and especially if they endeavor to understand all of the Old Testament references made in the letter, they will instead see that Romans 9 does not teach a deterministic view of God at all. In fact, all of Paul’s letter to the Romans, particularly chapter nine, support a robust free-will theology. Context is everything when reading scripture, I submit that when read contextually, when read appropriately, Romans 9 will in fact work against determinism as opposed to being the lynch pin of the doctrine. (Read the whole essay below)

Paul and Libertarian Free Will

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