The Advocate

One of my favorite bits of scripture comes from Romans 8, when Paul is writing to Christians about hope and Patience. After Paul makes a beautiful statement about all of creation awaiting redemption, he then goes on to give us some encouragement as we wait and hope for our own redemption, “Likewise, the spirit helps us in our weakness, even when we don’t know what to say to God, the spirit intercedes on our behalf with groans too deep for words.”  Holy cow, what a powerful statement. This is one of the most inspiring trinitarian statements in scripture. The Spirit that Paul speaks of is the Holy Spirit (capital S, definite article, brother from another mother, individual, person of the Holy Spirit). from John 14.

When the disciples were freaking about about Jesus’ impeding departure, he told them, “If you love me and keep my commands, I will ask the Father and he will send you **ANOTHER**(important to note) helper to be with you forever.”
This, other helper that Jesus speaks of is the Holy Spirit. While the Bible does use the term Holy Spirit several times, the word that Jesus uses in John was the Greek word ??????????, which means helper or advocate. many translations use the English word comforter. 
So, I want to leave you with this:
When you think of an advocate, think of someone who exists to fight on your behalf-someone to plead your case. Think of the Lawyers that we always see in Movies who stand up and emphatically say, “we’re done here!”
When you are weary, stressed, tempted, emotionally wrecked,overcome with life, disappointed in yourself, or just plain unhappy…the advocate exists to stand up and proclaim, “We are done here! So that, you may walk out of the courtroom of life and walk into the loving and restorative arms of the messiah who died to redeem you; the same messiah that said, “come to me and you will find rest for your soul.”

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