WWJD? is Silly

Now that I have your attention, allow me elaborate.

I have just read Dennis Hollinger’s Choosing the Good and I was deeply vexed by the question of how we should work out our Christian ethic within such a pluralistic and contextual milieu. If I am being honest, I love what Post-modernity has done for organized religion-I want to reject all metanarratives, and I want to avoid a faith that is private and even more so, a faith that is Authoritarian.  I think we need to be MUCH more selective about what battles we choose to fight as Christians, and I certainly do not think a little bit of religious pluralism is going to damage the church. Now, men like John Piper might argue that a lack of “absolute truth” will ruin peoples lives, but I tend to think that absolute hermeneutical  authority is nothing but bad news for the church. While I am certainly not a Universalist, I would certainly agree with the notion that reason should play a pretty serious role in ones faith. To be more specific, I think it is good that Post-moderns are open  to Muslims possibly receiving salvation…After all, isn’t this a better ethic than burning Anabaptists like we did in the 16th century. I mean…authoritarian religion doesn’t seem to be the resounding message of the gospel.

Pardon my rant. Ultimately, while I appreciate everything post-modernity has brought us, I still find this question deeply compelling: “What does it mean to live according to our Christian faith commitments in this situation (the reality of the 21st century)? Well, Glen Stassen answers the question best- Anything that subverts faithfulness to the way of Jesus, is unacceptable. While our cultural and religious milieu may be changing, the Gospel is timeless. The life of Jesus must be our ethical foundation.

So, while Christian pop-culture hijacked the question WWJD?, the questions actually remains the most important question we could ever ask ourselves. Although the commercialization and dumbing-down of a such a profound  question is, unfortunately, stupid, the serious ethical question of WWJD? (As in, “How should the Gospel of Jesus inform my decisions”) is actually the foundation of a solid christian ethic, in my opinion.

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